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Stacy Newman

Office Manager


Stacy Newman is our Office Manager. With 20 plus years of experience in administrative assistance and office management within the A/E/C industry, Stacy is a proven professional. She assists the team with front office support and coordination of day-to-day office activities. Stacy is motivated to always bring her personal best to every thing she does.

At work or at home, she works to put her best effort forward regardless of the task. She starts every morning with proper exercise and hydration before settling in with a cup of green tea to kick off the day. When she isn't at work, Stacy prefers to be with her family doing any and every activity that they can do together. But if the activity can involve a plate of nachos with homemade cheese dip, that would be a bonus!

If she could do anything for a day, Stacy would love to be an author or to travel from Seattle to San Diego and take in all the sights of the West Coast (with her family, of course).

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