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Hilton Hoover, PE

Electrical Engineer


Hilton Hoover is an electrical engineer and project manager with seven years of experience in the industry. Hilton is a registered Professional Engineer and a graduate of Arkansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He has worked on a variety of projects as a designer, engineer, and project manager, including equipment replacements, facility renovations, and new construction.

Hilton is passionate about his work. A self-described problem-solver who enjoys the study of electricity, Hilton is always seeking to further his knowledge of engineering design. His perfect project is one that makes a positive impact on the community. Hilton is most excited about working on healthcare projects in Arkansas.

When not thinking about electricity, he is likely daydreaming about travel to Norway or the Philippines. A native of Heber Springs, Hilton also loves to spend time boating and fishing at the lake. You would never guess it, but he makes a delicious spicy honey-glazed salmon with fruit salsa.

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