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CARTI Radiology and Oncology Renovation

A renovation of the first floor of CARTI's Little Rock hospital

CARTI chose to renovate their main hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas to further improve patient care at the facility. The 6,000 square foot renovated area includes spaces for a CT suite, HDR Vault, public waiting areas, dressing rooms, nurse station, teller workstations, offices, exam rooms, and supporting spaces.

Insight provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design for the project. The Insight team performed a detailed survey to ensure that existing systems would be adequate to serve the renovated space. The project's design required modifications to HVAC, electrical, and low voltage distribution and to an existing smoke wall. Insight worked closely with the project team to align the system design with the programming needs of each space.

The project will be completed in three phases in order to minimize the impact on CARTI's operations. Our team's design accounts for this plan, ensuring that each phase of design optimally prepares the MEP systems for the next phase of the renovation.

Project Details


Square Feet


Phases of Construction

Little Rock

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